titanium metal

Paracrona, an enigmatic and dynamic black metal band originating from Oslo, Norway, commands attention with their profound and intricate musical and philosophical narratives. Paracrona's music is a fusion of black metal and progressive elements, rich with evocative atmospheres and striking melodies. Formed in 2016, the band's inception is rooted in a serendipitous meeting between Øystein Hansen and Ringo Christiaan van Droffelaar at the Wacken Open Air Festival in 2007. This pivotal encounter laid the groundwork for a collaboration that, after a hiatus, blossomed into the full-fledged band known today.

Their debut album, "Sun God," released in 2023, encapsulates a journey through ancient belief systems, introspection, and a critique of modern societal constructs. The album reflects on themes such as inner strength, resilience against manipulative forces, and the pursuit of authenticity amidst a world riddled with greed.

The band describes their genre as "Titanium Metal," a novel interpretation of black metal blended with progressive passages, aiming to offer a fresh perspective on the genre. The album "Sun God" is a concoction of nine tracks, showcasing the band's ambition to craft expansive, adventurous music that maintains a balance between technical proficiency and the conveyance of deep, thematic content​.

In summary, Paracrona stands as a testament to the power of metal music to explore and critique existential and societal dilemmas. Their work is both a musical journey and a philosophical inquiry, inviting listeners to reflect on the complexity of human belief and the quest for authenticity in an increasingly convoluted world.

Female Vocalist

Siri Valdman

Lead Vocals

Ringo Van Droffelaar

Lead Guitar

Øystein Hansen

Rhythm Guitar

Audun Melbye

bass guitar

Gregg R. Schneider


Baard Kolstad


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